Young, Dangerous Heart

When you survey the Christian music landscape in all its diversity—from inspirational, modern worship and crossover pop to urban and Black gospel to hip hop, rock and the hard music scene—there are very few artists that can’t be pigeonholed somewhere. But of those few, there’s only one like V.Rose, a spiritually grounded millennial whose musical roots run eclectic, honest and deep. A formidable female-fusion of modern pop and hip hop unlike anything else Christian music has to offer, she has earned her performance stripes at festivals, camps and conferences all over the country. And now after five years of collaborations alongside artists like Flame, KB and The Truth, V.Rose has carved out a niche all her own, planting her flag where few female artists have dared to go.

Set for release on April 22, 2016 Young, Dangerous Heart—V.Rose first full length release on Inpop Records—mirrors a young woman coming of age, finally confident in her own choices, in her own skin. “I finally know who I am as an artist, how to engage with an audience, what I want to say and how I want to say it,” she says, relaxed in the Sacramento home. “I’m happy with where my music is at, and I’m excited to go even further as a performer, confident in my calling, but knowing there’s always more to learn.”   Hers is a gospel, not just for church girls, but for young women and men within and outside church walls. The message is simple: to find the joy of knowing who you really are, get to know who God says you are.

V.Rose and her brothers grew up in a Christian home where church attendance, home schooling and family prayer were near everyday events. But within that bubble, they experienced the brokenness of divorce, remarriage and the hard reality of what happens when faith doesn’t make everything alright. They grew up and each took their own path—some toward and some away from God.  

“Who I am today has a lot to do with how I grew up. Knowing that is to have power over it,” she says, “power over the negative aspects of it. But all throughout my childhood—and I’m so grateful that this is true—I always had a strong relationship with God. My mom always encouraged us to read our Bibles and she taught us how to pray, and I’ve always known and felt the power of that in my heart. I think I grew up knowing that I couldn’t survive without God, so that decision I made early in life to follow his voice and to serve him… that was real. It’s what informs everything I am.”

Perhaps even more than her previous work—Young, Dangerous Heart reveals a worldview of hope and joy that springs from vulnerability and the pursuit of her true identity. A definitive reflection of her Bay Area roots, this 13-track rhythmic pop collection features emotion-full vocals stacked on a jumping synth bed, thick with bass, served over a trap beat—dance-friendly modern pop fueled by forgiveness and informed by truth… an enduring reminder for anyone struggling to find themselves on this crazy, blue ball.

“I wanted to write an album about how I view the world in my heart.” Says V.Rose of the approach she took while composing Young, Dangerous Heart. “I’ve come to realize that the transition from the teenage years to being a young woman is such a vulnerable place. You can grow into a strong, confident woman or an insecure, confused woman, all depending on whether you play it safe and try to make people happy or whether you can listen and follow God’s voice in your heart. If you can do that, true joy is within reach.”

“I’m wide awake, drawing close, stirred by grace, and all my heart is yours

All fear removed I breathe you in, I lean into your love oh your love…”


“Sinking Deep,” the modern worship song first introduced by Hillsong Young & Free, is the only cover on the album but one V. Rose couldn’t be more excited about. Produced by Jordan Sapp and set as the first radio single, this tender, pulsating ballad perfectly captures the spirit of the singer. “When I first heard it, it was like the song was waiting for me,” V.Rose says. “I was struck by the purity and honesty in the lyric, zoning in on that moment where it’s just you and God. Effortless and beautiful. And that’s exactly what the recording was like. Just me and God.”

Echoing that ‘God dependent’ theme, “Storms” is sure to be a fan favorite, driving home the truth that God is faithful in everything that life throws our way. Built on a bright Top 40 synth-pop groove, “Love Shaped Heart” is a perfect example of V’s very personal story. “I meet so many kids who are broken,” she says, “and I understand because I was that kid. Love Shaped Heart says ‘No matter what you’re going through, that’s not your identity, that’s just what happened to you. It’s not who you are.  …You can embrace the fact that you are loved by God.”

“Take A Broken Heart” echoes the theme of brokenness met with redemption. A collaboration with Derek Minor, V.Rose says “We wanted to go with more of a ratchet feel because that’s where music is right now. People really gravitate to a song you can have fun with, something we can vibe out to, but with a really strong message.”

V.Rose recently reconnected with one of her older brothers, currently serving 10 years in a California prison. “I hadn’t seen him in a long time,” she says. “He was wanted and running and I didn’t even know what he was wanted for.” Once captured and in county jail, she began writing to him online. “I didn’t want to preach at him, and I didn’t want him to resent me, so I asked the Holy Spirit to lead me in what to say. I told him that there was no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus and he was loved, regardless of what he’d done.” Within a few days, her brother called her, humbled by her love, saying he wanted to accept Christ. “Today, he literally speaks the word of God to me,” she says, grateful her brother has new life… even behind bars.

V.Rose writes with intention about the lessons she’s learned en route to womanhood with every cut on the album,  “You often feel crazy, there are so many emotions and so much drama,” she says. “The only way to embrace and navigate through all the craziness is to spend time in the scripture. Write it down and put it on your mirror… it will give you what you need for each day. When you spend time with God in prayer and in scripture, you get to know him like a best friend. You learn to be like him, how to love what he loves and hate what he hates. It’s not about being perfect but to hunger and thirst for righteousness… is to be more like him.”