What's It About?

Okay first of all, AHHHHH!! Now that that's said, AHHHHHH my new album is finished!
 I am seriously so excited for you guys to hear this record, I spent entire weeks at the studio to make sure I did everything I wanted to do and I have. 🙌 🙌 🙌 

"Young Dangerous Heart", is a message of encouragement to those who are struggling to find themselves. I wrote about my own experience with this on-going struggle, I just wanted to keep things real; my relationship with God, my struggle to stay me and the fight to keep it all together. I hope that when you hear the words you will feel inspired and know that with God nothing is impossible and my hope is that you realize He has already given you everything you need to be successful.

What To Expect

My team and I worked over a year on this album and wrote over 50 songs! Just be ready to experience the moments in this album and don't be afraid to open your heart and search within yourself as you listen. My Lead single "Sinking Deep" (a Hilsong Y&F cover 😆 ) just went to radio so make sure you call your local station and request it. 😋 If you've heard my EP titled "Hearts Up" that released last fall then you know that Derek Minor is featured on the album and can I just say he killed it? Okay I will, "He killed it!" 🙌 Along side Derek on the album are some heavy hitters like FLAME, 😱 Trip Lee, 😆 and Angie Rose. 😩🙌  A girl couldn't ask for more! Check out my YouTube channel to hear exclusive sneak peeks of the songs before anyone else!