The Heart Behind The Song "Take a Broken Heart"

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How It Happened

In the beginning talks about making this album, (Young Dangerous Heart) I knew I wanted to make a song like this. I knew I wanted to talk about the one thing almost everyone can relate to, being brokenhearted. I sent multiple messages to my producers at Team Spechouse about what kind of music I was looking for to achieve this. One thing I knew for sure is that I did not want to make it a sad sounding song. I think they were getting annoyed with me for a moment there from all the detailed instructions and the, "that's not quite it" texts I was sending because I woke up one morning with an instrumental in my email titled "Nothing Special". That was the day Take A Broken Heart AKA TABH was born.

The Song

The title came from a free-style session between my producer, Spec, and I while driving around my home town Sacramento. As soon as I sang the words "He can take a broken heart away," we both knew it was golden. That week I locked myself away to write it. I started to remember my first heart break again. How much it hurt and how alone I felt. I was 17 and I remember never have knowing something could hurt like that. Just like the lyric says in my verse "Alone in my room on the ground with so many tears I could drown" I was exactly that. 
In that moment of brokenness and despair I lifted one hand to God and pleaded a prayer I would continue to pray in years to come. I asked God to take the pain in my heart away. In that moment I felt peace come over me and I knew God answered me with His reassuring love.


I know when you are hurting it’s so easy to want to eat tubs of ice cream and even talk bad about the person that hurt you just to make yourself feel better but it’s ultimately not going to heal your hurt, it will only provide temporary relief. It’s so hard to let go but that’s why I wanted this song to sound so triumphant because we don’t have to be heart broken, we can overcome anything when we cast our cares on the lord and put our trust in Him.

PSALM 34:18
The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.
— English Standard Version (ESV)